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Our achievements

- our project about castles already exists 25 years, since then it has undergone many changes and acquired its current form in 2016

- project hrady-zamky.sk is located in the archives of the University Library as part of the long-term protection of intangible cultural heritage in the form of digital sources and documents

- under the auspices of the National Institute of Education and Youth (NIVaM), our project was chosen as a source of information for the Primary School History Olympiad, 16th year, school year 2023/2024

- our mobile applications Slovak Castles and Slovak Castles PREMIUM won multiple awards for the Best Slovak application in the 4ka Android Code competition

- in cooperation with the professional photographer M. Hajkovský, the book Slovenské hrady a zámky was published with a QR code link to the castles on our website

- we personally visited every single object that is on our website, processed detailed information, thereby significantly contributed to the development of tourism and the promotion of monuments in the territory of today's Slovakia

Focus of the project

Primarily we focus on:
- preserved castles and chateaux, town castles
- ruins of castles, distinct castles with visible above-ground remains of walls
- monasteries with fortifications, monastery ruins
- fortresses, stone watchtowers and bastions
- renaissance mansions, mansions built on the foundations of a castle or on the site of a former castle or other fortification, fortified mansions and their ruins

Not our goal, but occasionally may occur on the site:
- distinct castles, after which there are no above-ground remains, or only ramparts or traces of the terrain have been preserved
- manors and mansions that do not have elements of fortification, or were not built on the sites of original castles or fortifications
- monasteries that are not ruins or that do not have elements of fortification
- castles outside the Middle Ages, wooden castles and fortifications
- city walls and city fortifications

Author and project administrator: Bc. Jozef Štefanek, admin(at)hrady-zamky.sk

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Is any castle or manor missing on the site? It means we haven't visited it yet.
If it meets our categorization requirements, it will definitely be added to our list in the future.

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