Divín manor

Reconstructed, fortified renaissance manor house, built on the medieval foundations, lies at the foot of the castle hill, right in the village of Divín

manor, mansion / 270 m



Divín, Banská Bystrica county

N48° 26' 56.29",  E19° 32' 05.05"

Dyun, Dyuen, Dywynn, Dywyn, Dewen, Dywen, Divény

How to get there - Divín manor

Zichy's manor is located on Hradná Street in the village of Divín. Right next to the manor there is a large parking lot, from where it is only a few meters to the entrance gate of the manor.

time < 5 min
difficulty Parking parking

Surrounding castles (direct line):

Divín - 0.2 km, Halič - 10.7 km, Vidiná - 13.2 km

Interior and exterior

The manor was probably built on the site of a medieval castle or older manor. It was part of the Divín castle area. It has four towers with atypical layouts and external fortification. The core of the manor was originally a single-storey prismatic building, eccentrically located at the western wall of the outer bastion fortifications. The walls with one row of crevice shooting ranges were reinforced at the corners by elevated bastions. In the middle of the northern castle wall was the entrance gate. There was probably a moat around the manor, with the exception of the south side, where the walls rest on the slope of the castle hill.

Above the entrance gate is a wooden arcade structure with a portal. The building has preserved wooden galleries on the outside and in the interiors Renaissance vaults and beamed ceilings. The Museum of the History of the Village of Divín is located in the reconstructed premises of the Zichy manor house.



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  • Divín manor-Pohľad na objekt

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History and personalities

Not much information has been preserved about the original building from the 14th to the 15th century. It was probably a medieval manor, built by some of the landowners of the Tomajov family, the Losonczi family or the Balass family. However, other sources state that it was a castle as part of Divín Castle.

What is certain, however, is that in 1670 Imrich III gave the site of the aforementioned medieval building. Balassa to build a renaissance manor house. The manor was fortified and there was probably a moat around it. The landowner lived in a residential building in the core, the crew and servants in bastions divided by wooden attics into three floors. Such a connection between the residential mission and the fortification function resulted on the one hand from the turbulent times of the 17th century, when the Turks and the invasions of the imperial and anti-Habsburg troops threatened, but on the other hand as a fortified hiding place for Imrich.

The renaissance development of the seat is completed by the completion of the palace west wing carried out by Adam Zichy around 1694. Other building modifications included the adaptation of the residential building associated with the replacement of the truss, the reconstruction of the bastions with the creation of windows in the perimeter walls, which replaced the shooting ranges.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the then owners of the Zichy family covered the basements of the west wing and adjusted the floor heights of the first floor. Part of these modifications was also the surface replacement of windows and linings of portals in the residential building of the manor. During the second half of the 20th century, only minor alterations were made to the manor house and the construction gradually began. There was a field hospital here during the Slovak National Uprising.

In August 1945, Count Zichy's family was expelled from Divín and their property was nationalized. The manor house housed the United Agricultural Cooperative (JRD) and for a time housed the Forest Administration manor house. Later, the manor house was returned to the JRD and the manor yard was turned into a warehouse for fertilizers and other material. However, they did not care about the manor and began to decay.

In 1969 and 1989, projects were developed for the reconstruction of the manor house, but none of them was implemented. It has been administered by the municipality of Divín since 1992. In 2010, an extensive reconstruction of the manor house began with the help of structural funds, and in 2014 the reconstructed manor house was approved.

At present, the Museum of the History of the Village of Divín has been established in the premises of the Zichy manor house, and the courtyard of the manor house is used to organize various cultural and social events.

Myths and Legends

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Useful information

There is a museum in the manor.
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