Šaľa mansion

Renaissance mansion in the center of Šaľa, situated in the Podunajská plain on the right course of the river Váh

manor, mansion / 120 m


Šaľa, Nitra county

N48° 09' 08.46",  E17° 52' 37.49"

Schala, Schelle, Vágsellye

How to get there - Šaľa mansion

Šaľa mansion is located right in the center of Sala. From the main road SNP, which passes through the city, we get to the street Petra Pázmaňa, where the mansion is located. It stands just behind the church of St. Margita Antiochijska. You can park along the road next to the mansion building.

It currently houses a branch of the State Archives in Bratislava and is not open to the public.

time < 5 min
difficulty Parking parking

Nearest castles (direct line):
Nebojsa - 13.4 km, Šintava - 18 km

Interior and exterior

The mansion is basically a copy of the Renaissance chateau of the Thurzo dynasty in Bytča, while its Renaissance appearance and resemblance to the Bytčiansky Castle has been preserved to this day despite its later reconstructions.

It is a storeyed fortified four-wing building with circular defensive bastions on the corners. The courtyard is lined with arcade corridors. Above the entrance to the facade is a square tower with loopholes. In the rooms on the ground floor there are preserved barrel vaults with slices, the rooms on the first floor are characterized by the use of Prussian and barrel vaults.



  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Šaľa mansion-Pohľad na objekt

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  • Šaľa mansion-1940

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History and personalities

The manor house, once a water castle, was probably built on the site of a medieval building from the 13th century. The fortified building in Šala was first mentioned in 1297 in a document of King Ondrej. The document states that the Austrian prince Albert occupied the monastery in Šala and rebuilt it into a fortress. Abraham Rúfus then regained this site and handed it over to the Turčian post office.

Mentions from the Castelians, who used the name "kastelani in Chelle", have been preserved from the 15th century, but the location of the castle (castellum) to which this designation refers is disputed. The records of the Bratislava City Archive mention the designation Sala, but Hungarian historians consider it to be the name of the locality of Čela on Žitný ostrov. However, we know one thing that the building remained the property of the Turčianske Premonstratensian order until the middle of the 16th century. For a time there was a college, which was built into a Renaissance mansion in the second half of the 16th century. Peter Pázmaň, Archbishop of Esztergom, for whom the manor house became a summer residence, was responsible for this.

In the sixties of the 17th century, the building was already used for defensive purposes and a fortification was built with a moat and raised walls. After the end of the Turkish danger, the manor house was rebuilt in 1729. Despite the alterations, however, the manor house has retained its Renaissance appearance. In 1774, however, he was no longer considered comfortable and was inhabited only by officials and gatekeepers. From the years 1793-1795, a list of works on the reconstruction of the manor house on the first floor has been preserved.

After the reconstruction, the manor served various purposes and was often rented. In addition to the administration of the manor, the archives of monasteries, which were abolished during the reign of Joseph II, were also concentrated in the building. Minor repairs also took place in the first half of the 19th century, when the premises lost their original significance and were inhabited not only by officials but also by tenants.

After the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, a gendarme station was located here, as well as a school. There was a study base and in the middle of the 20th century there were emergency flats, craft workshops and a machine-tractor station in the building. As a branch of the State Archives in Bratislava, the building began to be used after reconstruction in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The last reconstruction of the manor took place in 1993. Work then continued in 1998 and in 2008 the repair of the exterior, including the roof and facade, was completed. However, the courtyard and part of the basement are currently in an unfavorable condition.

Myths and Legends

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Useful information

The interior is not open to the public

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