Krivany - Dessewffy mansion

Renaissance one-storey mansion from the first half of the 17th century in the village Krivany, built as a defensive mansion with loopholes.

manor, mansion / 418 m



Krivany, Prešov county

N49° 10' 11.98",  E20° 54' 50.15"

Cline, Crivan, Criwa

How to get there - Krivany - Dessewffy mansion

Dessewffy mansion in Krivany is located next to the Hlavná road, which runs through the village Krivany. From the Hlavná road next to the mansion we turn to the narrow Záhradná Street, where we can park the car. From there we get to the mansion area. The interior is not yet accessible.

time < 5 min
difficulty Parking parking

Surrounding castles (direct line):

Pečovská Nová Ves - 10.4 km, Plaveč - 10.6 km, Lipovce - 12.7 km

Interior and exterior

The mansion is a two-storey block building. There are two rounded bastions on the corners of the facade and the entrance bay is on the side of the courtyard. The facades originally had sgraffito ornaments.

On the ground floor there are Renaissance vaults. After a fire in the late 18th century, the manor house was adapted in the Classicist style.



  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-Pohľad na objekt

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  • Krivany - Dessewffy mansion-1910 Zdroj: KPÚ

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History and personalities

The manor was probably built by the Dessewffys as a castle, a defensive mansion with shooting ranges. In the village of Krivany, several families that were in power took turns. In addition to the Dessewffys, they were e.g. Nakay, Passuth and Bornemisz. The last owners of the nobility included the Bornemisz family, which is why the manor house is sometimes called the Bornemisz family. Specifically, it was acquired in 1883 by Lajos Bornemisza.

After the fire at the end of the 18th century, the manor house was rebuilt in the Classicist style. The manor house was confiscated in 1947 and then returned to the owner after 1989.

In the courtyard of the manor there were stables, carriages, farm buildings, to this day there is a granary and a manor. In 1980, the Monument Institute from Prešov restored the manor house to the original Renaissance style. The manor house in modern times served a different purpose (school, butcher, disco).

At present, the area has an abandoned impression, but its use as a museum is being considered.

Myths and Legends

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Useful information

The external area of the manor house is accessible only

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