Zelený hrad

Remains of walls and a strong relief of the extinct castle in the location of Zámok, north of Čebovce, with access from the village Príbelce, at the southeastern foot of the Krupinská plain, at the mouth of the Čebovský brook valley to the Ipeľ basin

castle ruin / 420 m


How to get there - Zelený hrad

Nearest castles (direct line):
Litava - 7.5 km, Modrý Kameň - 8.5 km, Čabraď - 9.9 km, Bzovík - 15.6 km, Vartovka Krupina - 19 km

Interior and exterior

Ground plan - Zelený hrad
Ground plan - Zelený hrad


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History - Zelený hrad

Myths and Legends