Originally a Renaissance manor house of the southern fortified castle type, it is located in the village of Čereňany in Horná Nitra, 20 km from Bojnice, surrounded by a park with almost 250-year-old trees

manor, mansion / 221 m



Čereňany, Trenčín county

N48° 38' 31.06",  E18° 29' 05.37"

Cherimen, Cherene, Cžerenany, Čerene, Čereany, Cserenye

How to get there - Čereňany

The manor is located in the village Čereňany, which lies on the route Nováky and Partizánske. The manor is right next to the main road (Prievidzská), which passes through the village. From there we turn to Školská Street, where there is a relatively busy parking lot right in front of the manor house, largely reserved for visitors to the restaurant in the manor house.

time < 5 min
difficulty Parking parking

Surrounding castles (direct line):

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Interior and exterior

Originally, the manor house had the character of a fortified building and was surrounded by a moat. It is a two-storey building on a rectangular floor plan with two corner round towers. During further construction work, its appearance was changed to the Classicist style with lysines (vertical protrusions on the front of the building without a head and foot) and a medium risalit. The original layout of the building is partially preserved in rooms with rolled lunette vaults. Around the building, the remains of a former park with a terraced moat have been preserved.

The building has been renovated and serves as a prestigious restaurant and guest house.



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History and personalities

The manor house was built around 1640 as a building of the southern castle. It was originally a fortified building and was surrounded by a moat.

The original owners of the manor were the Majthényi family, later the Hunyadi family. At the end of the 19th century, it was owned by the Kaltenbach family, later by Count Shemper. It was owned by Edmund Vépy Wongronitsch before World War I.

After 1920, the manor house was sold to the lawyer Metod Bell, President of the Agricultural Council in Slovakia. The Bellovc family owned the manor until 1949. After 1950, it housed the directorate of the State Property, from 1955 until 1992, the local National Committee of the municipality was located in it. In the restitution, the manor house was issued by the heirs of the Bellovc family - the grandson of the original owner, who subsequently sold it to Xandra, which in 2002-2005 carried out a general overhaul of the manor house. Since 2005, the manor house houses the Afrodita restaurant with a guest house, a cognac club and a historic wine cellar.

Myths and Legends

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Useful information

In the manor there is a restaurant with accommodation.
Opening hours

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