Hertník mansion

Fortified renaissance mansion in the village of Hertník, at the contact of Čergov with Ondavská Highlands, south of Bardejov. Built on the site of the castle.

manor, mansion / 469 m


Hertník, Prešov county

N49° 12' 25.36",  E21° 14' 10.29"

Herkenecht, Hertnek

How to get there - Hertník mansion

Hertník mansion is located near the church of St. Catherine. We will reach it on the road no. 3491, which passes through the village. Go past the post office and turn right until we arrive at the church. The castle is right behind it. You can park directly in front of the mansion area. The mansion is located inside the area of the integration facility. After the announcement it is possible to enter the courtyard.

time < 5 min
difficulty Parking parking

Nearest castles (direct line):
Bardejov - 9.7 km, Pečovská Nová Ves - 16.6 km, Zborov - 16.9 km, Šarišský hrad - 17.7 km, Kapušiansky hrad - 18 km

Interior and exterior

The mansion was built as a four-tower two-storey block building of rectangular ground plan. The large courtyard was surrounded by a wall with an entrance gate, which was reinforced in several places by bastions and was protected by a wide moat all around the perimeter. Part of the grounds of the manor house became a large, so-called Pánska garden with trees and a pond. Between the garden and the yard were built farm buildings and a farmstead, where the former servants lived.

The mansion has been reconstructed and adapted to the integration facility that has been operating here since 1993. From the original architecture, only the bossed entrance portal has been preserved. The renaissance extension on the northern side of the mansion in the plan has the shape of the letter L.



  • Hertník mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Hertník mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Hertník mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Hertník mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Hertník mansion-Pohľad na objekt
  • Hertník mansion-Pohľad na objekt

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History and personalities

The original fortified Renaissance manor house stands on the site of a medieval castle built by an allegedly important Czech duke Jan Jiskr of Brandýs sometime after 1563. The manor house was built by the aristocratic Forgách family. Baron Šimon Forgách also received a donation to Hertník from Emperor Ferdinand I. for his military merits in the fight against the Turks.

Like the original Jiskrov Castle, the Forgáchov manor house was properly fortified. In addition to the corner towers, it was also protected by a massive wall with defensive bastions and a wide moat. It was modified in the first half of the 17th century. It was damaged during World War II and became state property after the war. In 1952, it was partially restored. It was also restored in the 1990s and in 2013.

The manor gradually changed owners, and finally in the 20th century the land was divided and sold. Since 1993, it has been the seat of social services - integration facilities.

Myths and Legends

There are no myths available.

Useful information

There is an integration facility in the building. The courtyard and its surroundings can be visited with the consent of the association.

Opening hours and admission

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