The reconstructed, originally fortified mansion is located in Žarnovica, in Žiarska basin at the intersection of Vtáčnik and Štiavnické vrchy

manor, mansion / 226 m


Žarnovica, Banská Bystrica county

N48° 29' 01.32",  E18° 43' 08.78"


How to get there - Žarnovica

In Žarnovica we will reach SNP square, where we can park near the bridge over the Kľakovský stream. From there we continue on the road until we reach the first turn to the right, which leads between the Lower mansion (bank seat) and the pension. The upper mansion Žarnovica is located on the left side, just above the Lower mansion.

time < 5 min
difficulty Parking parking

Nearest castles (direct line):
Revište - 4.2 km, Rudno - 7.1 km, Hliník nad Hronom - 8.1 km, Starý zámok - 12.9 km, Nový zámok - 13.4 km, Breznický hrad - 13.5 km, Nová Baňa - 13.6 km, Pukanec - 14.6 km, Živánska veža - 14.9 km, Sitno - 15.4 km, Žiar nad Hronom - 15.5 km, Bohunice - 16.6 km, Šášov - 17 km, Hronský Beňadik - 19.5 km

Interior and exterior

The manor house is a prismatic three-storey building on a rectangular plan with a hip roof. The five-axis facade is horizontally divided by cordon cornice, the windows have profiled above-window cornice. The ground floor rooms of the mansion are vaulted with a barrel vault with lunettes.

In 2018-2019, the first stage of the renovation of the mansion took place, where, among other things, the facade, cornice and windows were renewed.



  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt
  • Žarnovica-Pohľad na objekt

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History and personalities

According to some sources, the manor was built by Filip Dóczy in 1490. The original Gothic castle is also mentioned, on the foundations of which the building was allegedly built (probably served as a fortress of Revište Castle) and which Filip received from King Matej Korvín for services in the fight against the Hussites. However, this information is not confirmed and some historians completely rule out the existence of the original castle.

Other sources mention as the builder of the manor the royal treasurer Urban Dóczy from Veľká Lúč, in the years 1480-1485, who in 1479 received the Revište castle as a gift from King Matej Korvín. In any case, the credit for the construction of the manor house can most likely be attributed to the Dóczy family.

This three-storey late Gothic building was without a tower and in times of peace it was used to collect tolls, control the trade route and also as the residence of the castle lords. It stood in a separate fortification, in the 16th and 17th centuries with a strengthened defense.

The manor was owned by the Dóczy family for a long time, but after their extinction in the middle of the 17th century, the town came under the administration of the Mining Chamber in Banská Štiavnica, later also the Revište estate. The administration of the manor settled in the manor house. During the administration of the manor by the Mining Chamber, a nearby Lower manor house was added. The manor house was rebuilt in the second half of the 19th century after a fire in 1848, when Žarnovica burned down. The building was adapted to office space at the beginning of the 20th century; after the establishment of the First Czechoslovak Republic, the Forest Office and later the Directorate of State Forests and Property were located here.

At the time of the SNP in 1944, the building housed the headquarters of the Trnava garrison and after it a company of the Nitra militia. Subsequently, in 1957, a hunting school was placed in the empty premises, later a vocational woodworking school.

Meanwhile, in 1966, a general overhaul of the building was carried out - replacement of windows, doors, floors, interior paintings. However, the repair of the facades was not carried out. The object, which has not been used for a long time, has changed its owner several times. In 2011 and 2012, only static securing of the retaining wall was carried out by the previous owners.

Since 2016, the town of Žarnovica has become the owner of the manor. In the years 2018-2019, under the leadership of the city, the first stage of the renovation of the manor took place, where, among other things, the facade, cornices and windows were replaced.

Myths and Legends

The rumor says

The owner of the manor, Žigmund Dóczy, lost his life in 1647 when he did not want his wife to be dragged to Turkey as a slave girl. They mostly ended up in a harem. Only the monarch could fight for her honor. Sigismund defended his wife Euprozin and the manor with all his might, but the attacking Turks were in the lead. He was finally beheaded. Sigismund died at the age of 45 and is buried in the church in Ladomerská Vieska. There is a text on his epitafe, which in Latin tells the story of his struggle and execution.

Useful information

The manor house is reconstructed, currently not accessible to the public

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